What is the Domain Name Registrant History?

Has the domain name been registered to more than one individual or company in the past? Does the domain name have a history of being registered but then different owners have owned the domain name? What is the history of the domain name registrant?

DNProtect believes that if a domain name has been registered over and over again (registered, then expired, then registered, expired, then registered again, etc.) or the domain name has had a lot of different registrants, it might indicate a potential risk. We realize that a few registrant changes are perfectly legitimate. However, if the registrant has changed more than 5 or 10 times in the same year or in the past few years, this might indicate a risk for the domain name. DNProtect may assign negative points based on the number of times a domain name is registered or the number of times a domain name has changed registrants if we determine it is excessive.