What is an Email Blacklist?

Is the domain name currently on any email blacklists? Domain names should generally not be listed on any email blacklists unless there is a history of spam being sent from it. If the domain name is listed on any of the email blacklists that DNProtect checks, we believe that it can have a negative effect on the deliverability of email sent from that domain name.

There are several public email blacklist checks that you can access. If the domain name is on an email blacklist, DNProtect recommends that you take steps to remove the domain from the appropriate email blacklists. DNProtect believes that a domain name on email blacklists will have an effect on future use of the domain name and it poses a risk. Therefore, DNProtect may assign negative points based on the number of email blacklists where the domain name appears and which email blacklists the domain name appears.

DNProtect currently checks the Spamhaus email blacklist, which is the most common one used by many email providers and ISPs.

If your domain name is shown to be on an email blacklist, there are ways to get your domain name removed. Usually this requires that you identify the particular email blacklist that the domain name is on. It can be multiple email blacklists. To get the domain name removed, follow the procedures outlined for each individual blacklist. Typically you can simply fill out an online form and request removal.